Free 2024 AWS Summits for IT Career Bootstrapping

It's time to get your head in the clouds through the free AWS Summits. They are held all around the world and are a great opporunity for those new to an IT career to learn and network!

For those close to my home market of Philadelphia - the two day Washington, DC event is scheduled. The multiday event is because it is sort of AWS' Public Sector conference. The NYC Summit is scheduled for July 10th, but taking registrations just yet.

Keep in mind that additional cities may still be added throughout the year.

Please note that there are three possible event statuses near the top of event event specific page:

  • The event is taking registrations - a button "Register Now" appears in the page banner. Events can fill quickly - so be sure to register if you are going to attend.

  • The event is not ready for registrations - a button "Signup for notifications" appears in the page banner. Session content and other information has been added - but is not finalized. Once you signup for notifications you will need to register upon receiving the notification - the events can fill up fast - so act fast when you get the notification.

  • The event is not ready at all - no text appears in the banner and the event card says "Not Ready Yet". Published on the website so you can save the date. Return later to signup for notifications or register.

  • The event is full - indicated by the text "The event has reached maximum capacity and is no longer accepting entries." and there is no "Register Now" in the page banner.

To attend AWS summits you must be at least 18 years old.

All the information is here: